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2040 Digital, your revenue and relevance strategic partner, is a full-service firm that helps you find your way and raise your voice in a complex digital environment.

Digital environments are changing by the minute. It’s a dynamic, often confusing picture. 2040 Digital brings together the digital, analytical, technical, creative, and business assets that your organization needs to:

Understand IconUnderstand your online audiences and target markets and how you are currently performing.

buildBuild engagement with members, users, customers, prospects, or other stakeholders.

Grow IconPut data to work for you and Grow your revenue in new expansive ways.

Decode IconDecode the digital universe to seize the opportunities in your organization’s immediate future.

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There isn’t anything we do at 2040 Digital that is cookie cutter. We deliver powerful results, with solutions, strategies, and recommendations that are matched to your business, market, and customers.

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08 Dec 16

Lead Generation and Lead Scoring

Digital has transformed your market as current and prospect customers, members and subscribers have turned into modern buyers. The modern buyer desires companies and organizations to provide higher levels of product and service value, personalized services and meet expectations (at a high-quality level) for communication anytime and anywhere, regardless of channel. Preferences and desires have evolved to one-to-one connective engagement. Research is conducted before purchase (highly informed). Communication and services is expected across multiple channels (anytime and anyway) As your “buyer” changes, so must the processes, procedures and approaches to how you generate leads and seek to convert those leads…

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04 Nov 16

What’s Happening with Digital Advertising Revenue?

What you need to know: Many advertising publishers (your organization if you use advertising on your sites) are scratching their heads and wondering what is happening to their print and digital advertising revenue. Most are internalizing the news and hype that Facebook is stealing away their advertisers and therefore revenue. It is perhaps an easy excuse to explain away the revenue dips and the challenges. Facebook is, of course, having an impact but it isn’t the major factor impacting your advertising revenue. What Facebook has done effectively is offer the market the tools, measurement, data and opportunities they desire to…

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14 Jul 16

Opportunity to Inspire Video

The "Opportunity to Inspire" video from the Council of Libraries and Information Resources (CLIR) and Digital Libraries Federation (DLF) Open Lab Ignite Event has been published on You Tube. Libraries, Archives, Museums and others who represent cultural institutions throughout the world must answer the call to ensure context is provided as important materials are digitized and made available from their collections. All generations seek learning opportunities as they look to answer questions about the world, its cultures and gain insight from those that came before them. Libraries, Archives, Museums and others often hold the world's primary source material and can become…

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14 Jun 16

What is Behavioral Data?

How can behavioral data help You? The evolution and growth of digital and technology has afforded organizations a great opportunity to record, collect and gain intelligence from what is called behavioral data. Behavioral data is the capture of interaction, click, engagement, movement through a website, actions taken via email marketing across the buyer journey, user movement through digital content and more. In short, it is data that is recorded and collected about the customer/prospect customer and how they move and the actions they take (or don’t) though and via your digital sites, communications and properties to include mobile. Behavioral data can…

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