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Digital Strategy IconDigital Strategy

  • Evaluate current customer/user experience.
  • Evaluate market demand, competitors and opportunities.
  • Assess current technology platforms and systems for digital readiness.
  • Deliver short and long term revenue and relevance generating digital strategy.

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Business Strategy IconBusiness Strategy

  • Evaluate business opportunities and challenges matched to the digital economy.
  • Evaluate current technological systems for digital readiness.
  • Research, develop and facilitate business plans, joint ventures, partnerships and revenue expansion.

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Product Strategy IconProduct Strategy

  • Assess product customer experience, interaction and determine customer satisfaction and overall customer sentiment.
  • Assess product(s) oriented support and servicing models and practices.
  • Recommend existing product(s) modifications and changes or new products based on findings.

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Engagement Strategy Icon SmallEngagement Strategy

  • Maximize reach and engagement with content, messaging and conversation.
  • Conduct market and social analysis, including review of competitor activities.
  • Measure reach, engagement and conversation and demonstrate results.

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Content Strategy Icon SmallContent Strategy

  • Conduct a content review in your organization that creates understanding of your potential for digital story telling and creating a rich content experience.
  • Conduct competitive positioning analysis and research.
  • Facilitate and educate staff and stakeholders to develop editorial calendars, content themes and plans.

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Data and Analytics IconData + Analytics

  • Determine and discover how to better leverage customer information, insights, sales activity and more resulting in increased revenue and improved customer satisfaction.
  • Assessment of your current digital analytics capability or build a new capability.
  • Create reports and dashboards to aid in measuring your company and product effectiveness.

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Customer Strategy IconCustomer Experience

  • Conduct a customer experience assessment.
  • Provide insight into user opinion, frustrations and overall satisfaction.
  • Create and instill methods and approaches tailored to your business.
  • Map the customer journeys and experiences.

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Technology Strategy IconTechnology Strategy

  • Assess, audit and recommend platforms and solutions.
  • Act as an independent resource to research, identify and rank your technology platforms and systems opportunity.
  • Conduct organizational analysis and assess current digital capabilities (Staff, Platforms and Practices).

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