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Your customer and member demographics are shifting.

Millennials will soon be the majority of your customers and members and represent the majority of your existing or potential revenue.

Your organization now exists in a Multi-Channel World where one customer or member interacts with you across your channels.

Your customers and members preferences are changing. They want digital products, services and interactions along with your traditional physical World products, services and interactions.

The additional of digital has an impact across your business, your organization and your revenue.

As a result, you need the right strategies and plans in place to succeed with your evolution.

As a result, you need the right financial models and business plans that reflect the move to digital.

As a result, you need market and product analysis to ensure your plans are sound.

As a result, you need the right data and measures to know if you are making an impact and being successful.

Moving into Digital business can be challenging and complex.

You need the right expertise and resources that understand the complexity and all of the moving parts that can impact your organization.

The World is being disrupted by digital and changing consumer and member preferences, don’t take the risk and be left behind.

Your Strategy

Strategies, goals and plans are critically important. An organization needs to know where it has been and where it is striving to go. Organizations without strategies or plans may get results in the immediate but won’t be able to adapt as the World and the market change.

The changing competitive world now includes a global digital space where your customers and members are interacting daily with the brands they love, the organizations they belong to and the communities they align with.

Digital is no different.

You NEED a Digital Business Strategy that sets your plans, goals and direction for high quality digital services and interaction for your audience, your customers or members.

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Our Process

Grow IconFixed Price assessment and exploration of current business and market to determine digital business market expansion and new opportunities:

> Review business plans, revenue streams, financial models to determine fit test and evolutionary opportunities.

> Evaluate customer support and servicing models and practices in context of the new digital economy and engagement expectations.

> Evaluate current technological systems and operational practices for digital readiness and efficiency.

> Facilitate stakeholder and senior leadership discussions targeted to create consensus on strategic and operational direction.

> Deliver a comprehensive report including strategic and operational recommendations.

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Case Study

American Institute of Architects (AIA)

> Advised this international association on Digital Strategy and Business.

> Developed a comprehensive digital business strategy.

> Created digital business plans and revenue models.

> Established For-Profit Structure and Governance.

> Developed 5 Year Strategic Plan and Product Development Schedule.

Case Study

American Geophysical Union

> Created an institutional wide Digital Strategy.

> Created the business plan and revenue model for the Geo Blogosphere.

> Developed tiered sponsorship and advertising program.