2040 Digital: the answer to Your content strategy

Content Strategy Icon SmallThe Digital Universe has provided the opportunity for many to expand the quantity and types of free content. Individuals can now write blogs, publish electronic books and publicize their content across the World.

Previously the majority of authoritative and authentic content was available only subscription and/or payment. Primary and secondary sources.

A majority of digital users have acclimated to Google and the major search engines and consider what is displayed in the first of the results is the most relevant and authoritative content.

Organizations who create and distribute content are now confronted with a constant need to maintain authority, maintain credibility, and authenticity in the expanding digital content universe. Content now lives and breaths:  no longer being encased in print publications.

The digital living and breathing means that your audience may be different than who you think they are, perhaps the demographics are different or the audience is larger and more specialized that you realize.

Content and Audience

Strategies, goals and plans are critically important. An organization needs to know where it has been and where it is striving to go. Organizations without strategies or plans may get results in the immediate but won’t be able to adapt as the World and the market change.

In Today’s Digital Universe it is important to publishers, associations, non-profits and for-profit businesses to understand their digital audiences, know where there content is resonating, how it is being shared and determine its reach. All organizations need a content and audience strategy to hold the current audience, reach new audiences and inform editorial and content development plans to maintain relevance and be ever adaptable.

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Our Process

Understand IconConduct a content review in your organization that creates understanding of your potential for digital story telling and creating a rich content experience for your customers and members:

  • Develop personas and audience segmentation correlated to your mission, goals and strategies.
  • Conduct competitive and comparative analysis and research to determine how your competitors are performing in your market and how you could position or create content to gain a competitive edge.
  • Identify and map opportunities for content re-use and distribution.
  • Facilitate and educate staff and stakeholders to develop editorial calendars, content themes and plans that meet your current customer needs and take you into the future.

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Case Study

AMDA: The Society of Acute & Long Term Care

> Developed this international association of practitioners’ Digital Strategy.

> Developed a comprehensive Audience and Content Strategy.

> Matched and mapped Audience Segments to Content and Story.

Case Study

Library of Congress

> Created an institutional wide Digital and Audience Segmentation Strategy

> Developed Educational Utility Portals targeted to K-12 Educators

> Brought together curators, educators, editors and writers to create new interpretive content to tell stories throughout the Library’s websites.

> Developed Audience Engagement Strategies