2040 Digital and your Multi-Channel customer experience

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Where several years ago you could identify your “digital” and “physical” customers and members and view them each as different. In today’s World, the customers and members interact in many ways. 

They may research online, come into the store to make the purchase and interact with your customer service department over the phone following the purchase.

The customer and member now moves across in a multi-channel perspective. Your opportunity and challenge is to provide that one customer or member to move seamlessly and holistically across the organizational channels ensuring a satisfactory overall experience.

As the Multi-Channel experience becomes the norm, it is critically important for organizations to understand their customer and member experience across all channels and potential interaction points.

Word of Mouth of satisfied and happy customers or members is key to your brand, your future and your revenue.

One failure, like a bad mobile experience, can change the opinion of the customer and member about that organization. 

Do you want to take the RISK of losing that customer or member to your competitors?

It is time to recognize that all organizations exist in a Multi-Channel Environment . 

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Our Process

Decode IconConduct a user/customer multi-channel experience assessment that will look at your digital and in person experiences in conjunction with your customer support and service areas:

  • Provide insight into user opinion, frustration points and overall satisfaction.
  • Determine and evaluate how customer feedback, sentiment is collected , measured and used.
  • Create and instill methods and approaches tailored to your business to capture real time sentiment and satisfaction with engagement, content, and messaging.
  • Map the Multi-Channel Customer Journeys and experiences shedding light within your organization on how the customers and members move through your services, support and offerings.

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Your Customer Experience

Are you using Net Promoter Score (NPS)?

How are you Actively Listening to your customers and members?

Do you know how your customers move through your services, offerings and support?

Do you know the what you look like to your customers and members? Have you taken an outside in look?

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Case Study

State Department Federal Credit Union

> Map and Document Multi-Channel Experience

> Segment Audience Demographics

> Evaluate Satisfaction and Feedback Programs

> Develop Strategy and Plans for Achieving Holistic Customer Experience