2040 Digital is the Solution to your digital success

Digital Strategy IconYour customer and member demographics are shifting.

Millennials will soon be the majority of your customers and members and represent the majority of your existing or potential revenue.

Your organization now exists in a Multi-Channel World where one customer or member interacts with you across your channels.

Each channel represents an opportunity or a point of failure with that one customer or member. Your Digital channels are no different!

Do you want to take the risk of losing that customer or member to your competitors?

It is time to recognize that all organizations need to adapt and exist in the digital universe. 

Your Digital Strategy

Strategies, goals and plans are critically important. An organization needs to know where it has been and where it is striving to go. Organizations without strategies or plans may get results in the immediate but won’t be able to adapt as the World and the market change.

The changing competitive world now includes a global digital space where your customers and members are interacting daily with the brands they love, the organizations they belong to and the communities they align with.

Digital is no different.

You need a Digital Strategy that sets your plans, goals and direction for high quality digital services and interaction for your audience, your customers or members.

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Our Process

Decode IconFixed Price Assessment, Evaluation and Strategy Development includes:

  • Reveal current state, reach, impact and challenges.
  • Evaluate current customer/user experience.
  • Evaluate market demand, competitors and opportunities.
  • Assess current technology platforms and systems for digital readiness.
  • Facilitate stakeholder and senior leadership strategy formulation.
  • Deliver report including short and long term digital strategy.

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Case Study

Library of Congress

> Created an institutional wide Digital Strategy

> Created the first government digital analytics measurement program

> Innovated Search Strategies

> Developed Audience Segmentation and Engagement Strategies