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In today’s World, current or prospect customers, members or subscribers interact in many ways with organizations or businesses and are expecting all to correlate products, services and content to problems they are wanting to solve or to satisfy needs they have.

Their behaviors are very different and as a result, your marketing strategy and the awareness, consideration and decision funnels you create must be very different.

We exist in a multi-channel world where digital and mobile dominate and where:

  • The amount of communication via email, text and notifications are increasing.
  • Social media consumes more and more of an individual’ time.
  • Choices grow by the day challenging formerly successful value propositions and gained loyalty.

Regardless whether you are focused in a B2C or B2B marketplace, B2C or B2B prospect buyers both have changed their behaviors and fundamentally changed how they seek and acquire what they want.

B2C and B2B buyers now research with a few finger swipes, quickly leveraging the digital community to consume reviews from others and then compare your pricing against your competitors. The exercise is self service oriented and you have limited opportunity to influence their changed process if you are operating in a traditional marketing model.

As well, the concepts of credibility and authority in a digital economy are also significantly different than they were in the past. In the digital economy, a high rank in Google begets the perception of authority and credibility, the exponential growth in digital content makes your content harder to find while social and notifications catalyze action and immediate gratification.

Loyalty as a result is harder to get and even harder to maintain as choices abound.

Your marketing strategy must meet the changed buyer behaviors and expectations, leverage the digital and technological opportunities now available, become data oriented to maximize potential and move to hyper targeted and hyper segmented efforts that match a problem to solution, need to satiation positioning in the current or prospect buyer’s mind.

Leverage 2040 Digital’s deep marketing and digital marketing expertise to aid you in creating new marketing strategies that achieve current goals while maximizing results in the future.

Don’t take the RISK of losing that current or prospect customer, member or subscriber to your competitors?

Don’t sit back and think digital and the changed behaviors are a fad. They aren’t. The time to take action is now.

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Our Process

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Fixed Price Assessment, Evaluation and Strategy Development includes:

  • Reveal current state, reach, impact and challenges.
  • Bring forward current strategy and tactical gaps and opportunities.
  • Create segmentation of your current and prospect audiences.
  • Revise or correlation benefit oriented value proposition.
  • Map current to value producing marketing funnels.
  • Bring forward new target market opportunities.
  • Evaluate market demand, competitors and opportunities.
  • Right-select and right-size marketing automation solutions.
  • Deliver marketing plan and strategy to achieve your goals.

2040 Digital also offers marketing professional services to bring your new strategy to life and achieve your goals in a short period of time.

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The New Customer Experience

Are you using Net Promoter Score (NPS)?

How are you Actively Listening to your customers and members?

Do you know how your customers move through your services, offerings and support?

Do you know the what you look like to your customers and members? Have you taken an outside in look?

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Case Study

State Department Federal Credit Union

> Map and Document Multi-Channel Experience

> Segment Audience Demographics

> Evaluate Satisfaction and Feedback Programs

> Develop Strategy and Plans for Achieving the Move to a New Marketing and Customer Experience Strategy