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Technology is always changing at a rapid pace and the opportunities and challenges increase with each jump in progress.

Technology shouldn’t drive your business.

It should enable your business and aid in achieving your business and organizational goals and objectives.

An organization shouldn’t choose a technology tool, system, application or platform simply because an employee used it at a former employer.

An organization shouldn’t choose a technology tool, system, application or platform based on one individual’s personal preference or comfort

An Organization shouldn’t choose a technology tool, system application or platform because a vendor provided a great demonstration.

Organizations need to define their business and goals and seek technologies that can enable and aid goal achievement.

A technology strategy matched to the business and goals is critical. Who wants to see the large elephant in the corner of the room.

Without a technology strategy that elephant becomes expensive, frustrating and over time creates resentment and ultimately failure.

Technology Strategy

Strategies, goals and plans are critically important. An organization needs to know where it has been and where it is striving to go.

Organizations without strategies or plans may get results in the immediate but won’t be able to adapt as the World and the market change.

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Our Process

Understand IconWhether is marketing technologies, overall systems and applications, social, content management or the like. We are here for you to bring our extensive strategic and tactical expertise to bare.

  • Assess, audit and recommend platforms and solutions:
  • External and internal and externally facing systems providing you with the insight and knowledge you need to prepare and participate in the digital economy.
  • Act as an independent resource to research, identify and rank your technology platforms and systems opportunity.
  • Bring extensive expertise to act in your stead and manage the RFP, procurement and implementation effort ensuring you secure the most economical and full functioning tools and platforms for your organization’s future.
  • Conduct organizational analysis and assess current digital capabilities (Staff, Platforms and Practices).
  • Develop in-sourced, out-sourced or hybrid models that align with business goals and desired results.
  • Develop policies, procedures and processes that enable realization of capability potential and meet policy, privacy, security and legal requirements.
  • Managing, identifying and recruiting contractor, staff or other resources to bring the chosen model to life.

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Case Study

Montgomery County Government

> Conducted assessment of 160m revenue Department of Liquor Control.

> Created Technology Strategic Plan.

> Led the Request for Proposal and Contracting Process for selection of Supply Chain Management, Enterprise Resource Planning and related systems.

> Led the procurement and implementation of retail store Point of Sale Systems.