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Recent Blog Posts

The Changing US Privacy Landscape in 2021

Consumer Privacy and Regulatory Compliance Organizational Transformation Considerations The friction between balancing personalization with privacy is a challenge for any organization transforming its business to a digital model. Privacy policies established in the European Union a few years ago are…

Is Your Association or Society Essential?

Growing Preparedness and Trust In the era of the Covid-19 pandemic, the concept of whether your business, or your job, is essential has moved to the forefront of our society.  According to various news sources e.g., FastCompany, Business Insider, US…

Why Behavioral Data Matters (2018 Updated)

How can behavioral data help you? By Kevin Novak Behavioral data is the capture of interaction, click, engagement, movement through a website, actions taken via email marketing across the buyer journey and user movement through digital content. The evolution and growth…

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