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Make a Difference With 2040 Digital

2040 Digital is a full-service strategic solutions firm that helps you navigate today’s complex, constantly-evolving digital business environment. We are specialists in not-for-profits, B2B publishers, B2C publishers, associations, government and businesses in general.

Everything we do is geared to transforming your organization and fulfilling its potential in a dynamic and ever increasingly digital world.

We work with you to build a relevant narrative that singles you out in your market and target market sectors.

We are your partner in strengthening your brand, developing a sustainable business strategy, growing your revenues and engaging your key stakeholders.

Our work is based on trust, built on authenticity and powered through collaboration.

Digital environments are changing by the minute. It’s a dynamic, often confusing picture.

2040 Digital brings together the digital, analytical, technical, creative, and business assets that your organization needs to:


Understand clearly your online audiences and target markets


Discover where opportunities exist. Leverage Data to work for you and Grow your revenue in new expansive ways.


Build engagement with members, users, customers, prospects and other stakeholders.


Decode the digital universe to seize the opportunities in your organization’s immediate future.

How We Work

There isn’t anything we do at 2040 Digital that is cookie cutter. We deliver powerful results, with solutions, strategies, and recommendations that are matched to your business, market, and customers. Learn More>

Recent Articles

30Sep 19

Leveraging Data to Increase Revenue and Retention: Association and Society Conferences and Events

Why Exhibit at a Conference in the First Place? Face-to-face conferences create meaningful interactions, connections and activations with prospective members and customers. Educational programs and exhibitions compel both prospective members and customers to attend to seek value that translates to new knowledge and expanded networks. For Association and Society hosts and organizers, conferences and exhibitions are a rich revenue source and a productive channel to bring forward education and knowledge…

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28Sep 19

Association Member Engagement: Your Path to Retention and Revenue

Professional and trade associations routinely struggle with the acquisition and retention of members. Ultimately, members stay if they believe it is a valuable relationship. The solution? Member engagement through digital transformation is the link between acquisition and retention.  Engagement will propel professional association growth through increased member retention and greater interest among non-members to join. Digital Transformation Digital transformation is the application of technology to build new business models or…

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22Mar 19

Audience Response Creates Improved Retention for HCP Continuing Education

The importance of data in healthcare continues to grow. Data is required and creates deep value for evidence-based practice, ensuring the right treatments are provided to patients and for identifying knowledge gaps, creating information awareness and determining where critical HCP focused education is needed. HCPs continue to gain most of their continuing medical education physically at annual conferences and local CE events while use of enduring online education remains majorly…

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03Mar 19

Digital Advertising Playbook for Publishers 2019: What You Need to Know

Demonstration of ROI via Data Many publishers are scratching their heads and wondering what is happening to their print and digital advertising revenue. Most are internalizing the news and hype that Facebook is stealing away their advertisers and revenue or that most advertising dollars are migrating back to Google’s platforms. Some are hearing print advertising is dead or dying because no one reads print anymore. Perhaps those are easy excuses…

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