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Engage with 2040 Digital's Award Winning Strategy Services

Digital Strategy

  • Customer Experience: 2040 evaluates your current value propositions and user/target experience
  • The Marketplace: Our team evaluates market demand, competitors and opportunities
  • Platform Assessment: We assess your current technology platforms and systems for digital readiness
  • Engagement Strategy: We deliver strategy, approaches and plans to increase engagement
  • Revenue Strategy: We deliver a short-and long-term relevant revenue-generating digital strategy
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Business Strategy

  • The Marketplace: 2040 Digital evaluates your business opportunities and challenges and matches them to strategies for success in the digital economy
  • Digital Assets: We audit current technological systems and make recommendations for your digital readiness
  • Business Playbook: Our team researches, develops and facilitates your business plans, joint ventures, partnerships and revenue expansion
  • Business Plans: Our team provides you the plans you need to begin your evolution
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Medical Expertise

  • Great Expectations: 2040 Digital understands the demands placed on you and knows how to help you meet those expectations
  • In-Depth Understanding: Our team brings a holistic understanding of policy, regulation, compliance and ethics
  • Industry Expertise: We have extensive knowledge of Pharma, the industry in general and the insurance sector
  • Practitioner and Patient Expertise: We intimately understand practitioner and patient consumption and engagement behaviors and practices
  • Continuing Medical Education Expertise: Our depth of expertise transcends to creating, measuring and delivering CME and MOC
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Engagement Strategy

  • Engagement and Reach: 2040 Digital helps you maximize reach and engagement with content, messaging and conversation
  • Market Analysis: Our team conducts comprehensive market and social analysis, including a review of competitor activities
  • Engagement and Behavioral Flows: Our team build the engagement flows correlated to content, communications and marketing to increase consumption, relevance and conversion
  • Persona Development and Analysis: Our team builds your persona sets to ensure continual value oriented marketing and communications
  • Actionable Results: We measure your reach, engagement and conversation with actionable results
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Marketing Strategy

  • 360° Audit: 2040 Digital identifies current reach, impact and challenges
  • Gaps and Opportunities: Our team researches current strategy and identifies tactical gaps and opportunities
  • Segmentation: We create segmentation of your current and prospect audiences
  • Benefits: We revaluate and test your value proposition
  • Mapping: Our team maps your value-producing marketing and communication funnels
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Technology Strategy

  • Platform Solutions: 2040 Digital assess, audits and recommends platforms and solutions
  • Systems Assessment: Our team acts as an independent resource to research, identify and rank your technology platforms and systems
  • Staff, Platforms and Practices: We conduct a 360° organizational analysis and assess current digital capabilities
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Content Strategy

  • Content Review: 2040 Digital conducts a comprehensive content review that reveals your potential for digital storytelling and creating a rich content experience
  • Positioning: Our team conducts competitive positioning analysis and research ensuring you stand out
  • Education: We educate staff and stakeholders how to develop editorial calendars, content themes and plans ensuring immediate and long-term process change
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Data + Analytics

  • Increase Revenue: 2040 Digital determines how to better leverage customer information, insights and sales activity to increase revenue and improve customer satisfaction
  • Digital Assessment: Our team assessesand builds your digital analytics capability and strategy
  • Increase Effectiveness: We create reports and dashboards to measure your performance
  • Serve as Your Partner: We maintain a role as your insights partner and provider

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Product Strategy

  • Customer Satisfaction: 2040 Digital assesses customer product experience, interaction and determines customer satisfaction and overall customer sentiment
  • Models and Practices: Our team assesses product-oriented support, models and practices
  • Modifications: We recommend existing product modifications and changes or new products
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