2040 Digital, your revenue and relevance partner, is a full-service strategy firm that helps you find your way and raise your voice in a complex digital environment.

Digital environments are changing by the minute. It’s a dynamic, often confusing picture. 2040 Digital brings together the digital, analytical, technical, creative, and business assets that your organization needs to:

Understand your online audiences and target markets and where opportunities exist

Build engagement with members, subscribers, users, customers, prospects, or other stakeholders

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Put Data to work for you and Grow your revenue in new expansive ways

Decode the digital universe to seize the identified opportunities in your organization’s immediate future

Beyond New Revenue

2040 Digital works with not-for-profits, B2B publishers, B2C publishers, associations, government, and general businesses.

We help you extend your existing business and product lines or create new ones.

We point you to new revenue opportunities, strengthen your existing business lines, and so much more: The right digital strategy boosts engagement and builds strong business relationships online, bringing you loyal, dedicated customers, subscribers, members, and employees.

It begins with a fixed-price assessment of your digital assets and needs. The cost is standard, but the assessment is as unique as your organization, its mission, its goals and objectives.

At the end of the process, you get a fresh, new digital business and marketing strategy, with a step-by-step roadmap to future success.

Learn about or expertise working with Medical Associations and Medical Publishers.

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How We Work

There isn’t anything at 2040 Digital that is cookie cutter. We deliver powerful results, with solutions, strategies, and recommendations that are matched to your business, market, subscribers, members and customers.

Understanding Your Audiences

In the digital world, there’s no such thing as a single, average audience. We are in the age of Hyper-Segmentation!

Look at it through your member, subscriber or customers’ eyes. Better still, think of yourself as someone else’s user, subscriber, customer, or association member. You have unique needs, priorities, and interests. When you go online, the specific focus you want should be a few keystrokes away.

Why wouldn’t you expect the same mass customization from the organizations you join and the businesses you support?

Whether your organization is a new start-up or an established brand, 2040 Digital helps you understand and dissect your market, building smart, nuanced audience personas to guide your targeting and messaging—based on familiar demographic characteristics like age and generation, but also on niche factors like region, culture, and community of interest that bring different nuances to your message.

We combine your own audience insights with external data to help you understand and prioritize the groups you need your message to reach. The result is a rich, textured portrait of what your key audiences are reading, doing, thinking, and concerned about…and what they expect you to do about it.

Putting Data to Work

No one these days is fretting about having too little information.

The challenge for most small and mid-sized organizations is to organize an avalanche of incoming material, decide what matters, deliver current data to the team members who can use it, and put it to work.

During the strategy process, 2040 Digital conducts in-depth interviews and analysis to understand the data you hold and the insights you need. But this isn’t an 18-month strategy marathon: We know you need quick, accurate results, to take action before the market passes you by.

By starting the conversation with your objectives and outcomes, the 2040 Digital approach insulates you from technology vendors trying to fit your needs and objectives into their solutions. Instead, we guide you to the questions you need to ask of your data, and find ways to get the answers.

Once you move into implementation, the right data strategy helps you test your assumptions. Spot opportunities. Anticipate threats. And tell your story in a way that backs up effective storytelling with compelling evidence, turning prospects and contacts into members, donors, supporters, customers, or project partners.

Building Engagment

With relentless pressure to build an online presence, too many organizations just pick a platform, call in an intern, and get to work.

They might try to copy a digital content plan from another organization. Without asking how that organization’s goals and profile match their own. Or, even more important, how they differ.

That isn’t a digital strategy. And it won’t support your broader business objectives.

The 2040 Digital approach to audience engagement goes deep on the history, culture, priorities, and human networks that make your organization unique.

Before recommending an inbound marketing and/or outbound marketing mix, we ask who you’re trying to reach. Where they already gather online. How they would prefer to hear from you. And how frequently they have time to engage.

Before suggesting a look and feel (or delivering two or three mock-ups) for a website, we do our homework to find out what will resonate with your audience. We help you determine what is most emblematic for your brand.

Before you start posting content on your website and disseminating it on social media, we make sure you have the bandwidth to handle the comments, queries, or orders that will result.

And before an engagement strategy rolls out, we develop the metrics to help you track progress against your campaign objectives.

Everything we do is geared to transforming your organization and fulfilling its potential in a dynamic, digital world.

We deliver customized strategies and solutions that solidify your place and maximize your standing with the audiences you need or aspire to reach.

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