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2040 Digital is Your Solution to Gaining Intelligence and Increasing Revenue

Your customer and member demographics are shifting.

Your revenue sources are changing.

Your products and services may not be as relevant as they once were.

Millennials will soon be the majority of your customers and members, plus your employees, and represent the majority of your existing or potential revenue.

Your organization now exists in an omnichannel world in which one customer or member interacts with you across all your channels, wherever, however and whenever they desire.

And your customers’ and members’ preferences are changing.

They want digital products, services and interactions along with your traditional physical world products, services and interactions.

In the digital world, every organization has access to intelligence and insight.

You can know firsthand and in real-time how products are services are performing.

What customers and members feel and say about the organization.

How content is being consumed and shared and where successes and challenges are experienced in the sales cycle.

With the sophistication of digital platforms and technology tools, data can be collected every second of every day and stored in anticipation of providing the analytics needed to inform and educate.

2040 Digital has a proven track record of guiding organizations and serving as an insights partner to leveraging data and analytics to improve all aspects of business, product and customer experiences.

Learn about our expertise working with Medical Associations and Medical Publishers to see how we helped put theory to practice.

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Your Data and Analytics Strategy

Strategies, goals and plans are critically important.

An organization needs to be clear about where it has been and where it is striving to go.

Organizations without strategies or forward-thinking plans may get immediate results but won’t be able to adapt as the world and the market change.

Today’s competitive world revolves around a global digital space where your customers and members are interacting daily, on their own terms, with the brands they love, the organizations they belong to and the communities they align with.

A digital business is no different.

To anticipate the future and to thrive, you need to build a data and analytics model with a strategy that sets your plans, goals and direction for high-quality services and interactions with your audience, customers or members.

Data via analytics can provide concrete insight and information.

Tools and platforms are available that make accessing data as easy as monitoring your dashboard as you drive your car.

Data also offers significant opportunities to create new products and services through internally and externally available data.

2040 Digital provides experience and assistance to improve operations, retain and grow your member and customer base, challenge your competitors and reach your revenue goals.

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  • Increase Revenue: 2040 Digital determines how to better leverage customer information, insights and sales activity to increase revenue and improve customer satisfaction
  • Digital Assessment: Our team assessesand builds your digital analytics capability and strategy
  • Increase Effectiveness: We create reports and dashboards to measure your performance
  • Serve as Your Partner: We maintain a role as your insights partner and provider

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Our Process

We provide a fixed-price assessment and exploration package focusing on the current business environment and your market to determine your data and analytics assets.

We review your data residing inside and outside your systems and deliver a comprehensive process to:

  • Assess your current digital analytics capability
  • Advise how to build new capabilities that reveal who your customers and members are, what they are saying about your brand and products and how they and others refer customers to you
  • Determine how to better leverage customer information, insights and sales activity to increase revenue, improve customer satisfaction and increase operational effectiveness
  • Assess your data and identify if you have new product, research, content or services opportunities
  • Provide design playbooks for new or modified products
  • Identify technology tools and platforms to match your needs
  • Create reports and dashboards to measure your performance
  • Serve as your organization or business insights partner

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Case Studies and Examples

    American Thoracic Society (ATS)

  • Created extensive data, technology and measurement strategy and program
  • Facilitated selection of customer data management platform, beacon tracking and marketing automation platforms
  • Led the development of a digital advertising strategy and program
  • Facilitated organizational movement to a data and analytics orientation
  • Enabled a technology program and plan that matches business needs and intent

    FDA News

  • Created extensive digital analytic and data strategy and plan
  • Facilitated Known User attribute profiling and audience development strategies
  • Documented data and analytical business processes for performance and market measurement
  • Led the implementation of marketing automation

    American Academy of Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT)

  • Created extensive digital analytic and data strategy and plan correlated to member value
  • Facilitated Known User attribute profiling and member development strategies
  • Documented data and analytical business processes for performance and market penetration measurement
  • Led the implementation and training for marketing automation
  • Developed behavioral and transactional data schemes and attribution models

    Library of Congress

  • Created extensive digital analytic and sentiment measurement program
  • Implemented dashboard matched to Institution performance measurements and goals.
  • Established monthly Congressional reporting on the Library’s Digital performance.

Our Process

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