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2040 Digital Delivers Impactful Audience Development and Engagement Strategies

You may be hearing that going social is all the rage: businesses and organizations think they need to make social a priority and be in every possible social channel.

The common misperception is that social is your primary opportunity to create high engagement, sales and retention.

We aren’t one of those voices.

Businesses and organizations need to first understand who their current and prospect customers and members are and how they want you to interact with them.

Social may not be the panacea.

The benefit of meaningful knowledge helps a business or organization understand whether it should be committing resources to social and in what social channels it should be applying those resources.

Your members, subscribers and customers, like yourself, behave differently throughout the day.

You may interact, consume and share news and gossip with your friends and colleagues but not share pieces of scientific research that you just read on an association’s website.

You may check and share sports scores throughout the day but not professional product information that you just read.

We help decode these complexities with audience engagement strategies that are critical to success in connecting with your audience in meaningful ways, when they want to be connected.

A highly-engaged audience is the result of personalization and customization. And success can be measured by a range of metrics and measures defined to your business or organization.

Millennials will soon be the majority of your customers and members, plus your employees, and represent the majority of your existing or potential revenue.

Your organization now exists in an omnichannel world in which one customer or member interacts with you across all your channels.

And your customers’ and members’ preferences are changing.

They want digital products, services, engagement and interactions along with your traditional physical world products, engagement, services and interactions.

Digital has a profound impact across your business, organization and revenue.

As a result, you need the right strategies and plans in place to succeed with the evolution of your business.

We help you determine the right engagement model that reflects the move to digital and matches the changed consumption behaviors.

2040’s team provides market and product analysis to ensure your plans are sound.

And most important, we help you identify the right measures to ensure that you are making an impact and being successful.

Moving into the complex world of digital engagement while managing physical engagement can be challenging and complex.

2040 delivers the right expertise and resources to understand the complexity and all of the moving parts that can impact your business or organization.

The world is being disrupted by digital and changing consumer and member preferences.

You can’t afford to take the risk of being left behind.

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Defining Your Engagement Strategy

Strategies, goals and plans are critically important.

An organization needs to be clear about where it has been and where it is striving to go.

Organizations without strategies or forward-thinking plans may get immediate results but won’t be able to adapt as the world and the market change.

Today’s competitive world revolves around a global digital space where your customers and members are interacting daily, on their own terms, with the brands they love, the organizations they belong to and the communities they align with.

A digital business is no different.

To anticipate the future and to thrive, you need to build an engagement and audience development strategy that sets your plans, goals and direction for high-quality digital services and interaction with your audience, customers or members.

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  • Engagement and Reach: 2040 Digital helps you maximize reach and engagement with content, messaging and conversation
  • Market Analysis: Our team conducts comprehensive market and social analysis, including a review of competitor activities
  • Engagement and Behavioral Flows: Our team build the engagement flows correlated to content, communications and marketing to increase consumption, relevance and conversion
  • Persona Development and Analysis: Our team builds your persona sets to ensure continual value oriented marketing and communications
  • Actionable Results: We measure your reach, engagement and conversation with actionable results

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Our Process

We provide a fixed-price assessment and exploration package that focuses on the current business environment and your market to determine your engagement and audience development needs.

We deliver a comprehensive process to:

  • Assess your audience and current engagement
  • Conduct market and social analysis, including review of competitor and comparative activities and tactics
  • Develop and document strategies and tactics, tailored to your market and audience demographics, that enable healthy and successful competition
  • Maximize reach and engagement with content, messaging and conversation across social and communities
  • Measure reach, engagement and conversation and demonstrate results

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Case Studies and Examples

American Academy of Otolyngenic Allergy (AAOA)

  • Developed this associations digital audience development and management strategy
  • Created member and customer personas, segmentation and data measurement approaches
  • Led the development of audience targeted content and web manifestations

FDA News

  • Developed this B2B Drug and Device Publisher’s audience development and management strategy
  • Created personas, segmentation and data measurement approaches
  • Developed customer data management processes and models

CDC Million Hearts Campaign

  • Developed this government agency’s audience development and content management strategy
  • Strategy focused on medical practitioners need for web based education and information (Heart Disease and Stroke Risk)
  • Developed information architecture and wire frames
  • Created personas, segmentation and data measurement approaches
  • Developed customer data management processes and models

EB Medicine

  • Developed this B2B Medical Publisher’s audience development and management strategy
  • Created personas, segmentation and data measurement approaches
  • Developed customer data management processes and models
  • Revised targeted marketing processes

American Academy for Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT)

  • Developed this association’s audience development and data management strategy
  • Created personas, segmentation and data measurement approaches
  • Developed customer data management processes and models
  • Revised targeted marketing processes tied to new personas and targets

AMDA: The Society of Acute & Long Term Care

  • Developed this association of practitioners’ engagement and persona strategy.
  • Developed a comprehensive audience and content strategy.
  • Matched and mapped audience segments to content and story.
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