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2040 Digital: The Solution to Your Content Strategy

The digital economy has provided an unprecedented opportunity for publishers to expand the quantity and types of free content.

Millions of free-agent individuals can now write blogs, publish electronic books and publicize their content across the world.

Previously, the majority of authoritative and authentic content was available only by paid subscription.

Digital users have acclimated to Google and the major search engines, and they judge what is displayed at the top of search results as the most relevant and authoritative content.

Organizations that create and distribute content are confronted daily with a constant need to maintain authority, credibility and authenticity in the expanding digital content universe.

Content is now dynamic and lives and breathes virtually, no longer encased in physical print publications.

The drawback to digital audiences is that your audience may not be who you think it is.

Capturing the demographics and mindsets of digital audiences is more complicated than you realize.

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Content and Audience

Millennials will soon be the majority of your customers and members, plus your employees, and represent the majority of your existing or potential revenue.

Your organization now exists in an omnichannel world in which one customer or member interacts with you across all your channels.

And your customers’ and members’ preferences are changing.

They want digital products, content, services and interactions along with your traditional physical world products, content, services and interactions.

Digital has a profound impact across your business, organization and revenue.

As a result, you need the right strategies and plans in place to succeed with the evolution of your business.  We help you determine the right content and audience development strategy that reflect the move to digital.

2040’s team provides market andcontent analysis to ensure your plans are sound. And most important, we help you identify the right content, data and measures to ensure that you are making an impact and being successful.

Transforming into a digital business can be challenging and complex.

2040 delivers the right expertise and resources to understand the complexity and all of the moving parts that can impact your organization.

The world is being disrupted by digital and changing consumer and member preferences. You can’t afford to take the risk of being left behind.

It is critically important that publishers, associations, non-profits and for-profit businesses understand their digital audiences, know where their content is resonating, how it is being shared and measure its reach.

A content and audience strategy ensures retention of current audiences, how to reach new audiences and developing editorial and content plans to maintain relevance and be ever adaptable.

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  • Content Review: 2040 Digital conducts a comprehensive content review that reveals your potential for digital storytelling and creating a rich content experience
  • Positioning: Our team conducts competitive positioning analysis and research ensuring you stand out
  • Education: We educate staff and stakeholders how to develop editorial calendars, content themes and plans ensuring immediate and long-term process change

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Our Process

We conduct a complete content review to reveal your potential for digital storytelling and creating a rich content experience for your customers and members.

We deliver a comprehensive package:

  • Develop personas and audience segmentation correlated to your mission, goals and strategies
  • Conduct competitive and comparative analysis and research to determine how your competitors are performing in your market and how you could position or create content to gain a competitive edge
  • Identify and map opportunities for content re-use and distribution
  • Educate staff and stakeholders how to develop editorial calendars, content themes and plans that meet your current and future customer needs
  • Document the needed processes and measures for continued impact

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Case Studies

EB Medicine

  • Analyzed current and archival content and created targeted value oriented content strategy and plan
  • Developed a comprehensive audience persona and segment strategy tied to content offerings
  • Collaborated with editorial groups and boards to revise editorial and content production processes
  • Developed content to marketing correlation schemas tied to segment flows
  • Instilled long term tactical plan to deepen content descriptions, optimization and contextualization

AMSN: The Academy of Medical Surgical Nurses

  • Conducted communications, content, publication and marketing audit
  • Developed a comprehensive content, marketing and communications strategy and plan
  • Developed organizational persona structure correlated to content, messaging and marketing approaches
  • Created strategic messaging and marketing structure

AMDA: The Society of Acute & Long Term Care

  • Developed this international association of practitioners’ digital and content strategy
  • Matched and mapped current and target audience segments to content and story
  • Correlated value proposition, content and services to newly created target segments
  • Developed messaging and marketing structure

    Library of Congress

  • Created an institutional wide digital content strategy built for K-12 Teachers and Students, Scholars, Researchers, Librarians and the general public
  • Created the first government digital analytics measurement program to create understanding of content consumption
  • Innovated search strategies leveraging guided navigation via themes and categories
  • Facilitated meta-data schemas, content contextualization and categorization to audience segments
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