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Make a Difference With 2040 Digital

2040 Digital Is Celebrating It’s 10th Anniversary


Thank you to our clients, subscribers and readers for your confidence, trust and support over the past 10 years.

We look forward to many more years guiding, informing and advising organizations and individuals on their transformation path.

Who We Are?

2040 Digital is a full-service strategic solutions firm that helps you navigate today’s complex, constantly-evolving digital business environment. We are specialists in not-for-profits, B2B publishers, B2C publishers, associations, government and businesses in general.

Everything we do is geared to transforming your organization and fulfilling its potential in a dynamic and ever increasingly digital world.

We work with you to build a relevant narrative that singles you out in your market and target market sectors.

We are your partner in strengthening your brand, developing a sustainable business strategy, growing your revenues and engaging your key stakeholders.

Our work is based on trust, built on authenticity and powered through collaboration.

Digital environments are changing by the minute. It’s a dynamic, often confusing picture.

2040 Digital brings together the digital, analytical, technical, creative, and business assets that your organization needs to:


Understand clearly your online audiences and target markets


Discover where opportunities exist. Leverage Data to work for you and Grow your revenue in new expansive ways.


Build engagement with members, users, customers, prospects and other stakeholders.


Decode the digital universe to seize the opportunities in your organization’s immediate future.

How We Work

There isn’t anything we do at 2040 Digital that is cookie cutter. We deliver powerful results, with solutions, strategies, and recommendations that are matched to your business, market, and customers. Learn More>

Current Issue of 2040's Ideas and Innovations Newsletter

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The Value of Reflective Decision-Making

Issue 155, April 11, 2024

Admit it, most of us are stressed out and often filled with anxiety.  We are time-pressed. Overbooked. Distracted. Confused. Dumbfounded. Surprised. And potentially even trending to pessimism. We are trying to make sense of events we can’t control that are hurtling toward us daily through our news feeds.

A Moment in Time

We’re also grappling with the speed of change in the digital economy and our connected society. The news we consume is both fact and fiction leading to polarized factions across the world and strident beliefs. We have so much information coming at us that it may seem we are in constant reaction mode.

20Forty Continue Reading
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The 2040 construct to change and transformation. What’s the biggest reason organizations fail?  They don’t honor, respect, and acknowledge the human factor.  We have compiled a playbook for organizations of all sizes to consider all the elements that comprise change and we have included some provocative case studies that illustrate how transformation can quickly derail.

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