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Make a Difference With 2040 Digital

2040 Digital is a full-service strategic solutions firm that helps you navigate today’s complex, constantly-evolving digital business environment. We are specialists in not-for-profits, B2B publishers, B2C publishers, associations, government and businesses in general.

Everything we do is geared to transforming your organization and fulfilling its potential in a dynamic and ever increasingly digital world.

We work with you to build a relevant narrative that singles you out in your market and target market sectors.

We are your partner in strengthening your brand, developing a sustainable business strategy, growing your revenues and engaging your key stakeholders.

Our work is based on trust, built on authenticity and powered through collaboration.

Digital environments are changing by the minute. It’s a dynamic, often confusing picture.

2040 Digital brings together the digital, analytical, technical, creative, and business assets that your organization needs to:


Understand clearly your online audiences and target markets


Discover where opportunities exist. Leverage Data to work for you and Grow your revenue in new expansive ways.


Build engagement with members, users, customers, prospects and other stakeholders.


Decode the digital universe to seize the opportunities in your organization’s immediate future.

How We Work

There isn’t anything we do at 2040 Digital that is cookie cutter. We deliver powerful results, with solutions, strategies, and recommendations that are matched to your business, market, and customers. Learn More>

Recent Articles

15Jun 21

The Customer Value Proposition and Relationship of Trust

First-Party Data Transformation in the Age of Compliance With evolving privacy policies and technology changes facing organizations of all sizes, the operative strategy is getting back to basics and building an ecosystem of trust with your stakeholders. This ecosystem strategically focuses on building and deepening first-party data and shifts a culture to be data driven. The value proposition you offer your customers, members, clients, and employees serves as the greatest…

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15Jun 21

The Changing US Privacy Landscape in 2021

Consumer Privacy and Regulatory Compliance Organizational Transformation Considerations The friction between balancing personalization with privacy is a challenge for any organization transforming its business to a digital model. Privacy policies established in the European Union a few years ago are guiding new regulations in the US, and recent announcements from American tech companies are preparing us for a new digital data, communications, and marketing reality.  A reality that at its…

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14Jul 20

Is Your Association or Society Essential?

Growing Preparedness and Trust In the era of the Covid-19 pandemic, the concept of whether your business, or your job, is essential has moved to the forefront of our society.  According to various news sources e.g., FastCompany, Business Insider, US News Report, and Fortune:  the consensus is that an essential organization offers services critical for a functional society and that the interruption of these services would endanger the life, health…

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24Mar 20

Sustaining Relevance and Revenue: The AIA Story

2020 Update: A Correlation of Times and Events As the World grapples with the Coronavirus crisis and resulting uncertainty in life, the economy and the future, there are similarities found in 2008 on what we may expect and what we should prepare for. Associations are and will be needed more than ever to serve the role as a resource, a convener and networking hub. That role is and may continue…

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