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Targeted Transformation

Issue 68: August 11, 2022

What’s the default approach to organizational pivots and transformation?  Popular opinion is that technology will lead the way and the workforce will follow. It’s a seductive, but majorly misguided notion. First and foremost, it’s the human factor that will make or break any strategic plan.  And that’s the focus of our new book, The Truth about Transformation. Our playbook takes a deep focus on what you need to know, the questions you should ask, and the balance between macro and micro influences that drive high performance.  It’s not your typical business book; rather it is an original, provocative look at what you don’t know you don’t know, the typical assumptions we make, and the landmines that prevent sustainable transformation.

True transformative change requires an understanding of the human factors at play, how conscious and subconscious behaviors can derail any plan, and how society is influencing your organization. Change is the only constant. An evolving reality is emerging, one that will fundamentally change who we are, how we work, and how organizations will be relevant today and in the future. The truth about transformation is not what you may think. Our guide to organizational transformation will surprise, confound, provoke, and challenge every ingrained belief. The future is out there, and the truth about transformation will change how you lead.

Whether you are a CEO about to reorient an organization, a board director seeking to improve organizational performance, a manager seeking to align your team, or someone just starting a career, with all the passion for change that you bring, The Truth about Transformation will help you catalyze your own recognition and thoughts about the importance of the human factor. And we’re pretty sure you may also learn some things about yourself that you didn’t know!

Here’s some feedback we’ve received that describes how The Truth about Transformation resonates in our disruptive marketplace:

“This book offers an insightful view of where business is now, where it is going and, most importantly, the critical role that people play in successful transformations. The latest technology is not enough. You need leaders with the proper mindset to understand the greater world impacting their organization, embrace change, accept risk, and make bold decisions. Understanding and embracing change is never easy but it is essential to a successful business transformation. The book provides real-world examples illustrating successes and failures in business transformation that make it a must-read for business leaders at all levels.”  Stephen Altobelli, Chief of Operations at American Thoracic Society.

We created this book for you with a wealth of information framed in the 2040 construct for transformation.  You’ll find horror stories of how to fail at transformation and inspiring success stories – all based on our over 45 years of working with organizations of all sizes. And our provocative case studies bridge theory to practice: we made this book useful, not just a strategic mile-high view.

Here’s another perspective on our book:

“Through their book, The Truth about Transformation, Kevin Novak and Deborah Patton provide those wishing to lead and succeed in organizational change a detailed understanding of the myriad forces impacting efforts directed at transformation within organizations, and a set of guidelines and tools to make such efforts more successful.  The scope of their analysis is broad encompassing such diverse fields as organizational theory, psychological and social dynamics, technology, politics, and generational change.  The book, however, is not about theory but practice and the application of real-world learning. Their presentation is replete with examples drawn from their own work, as well as the insights and sometimes painful experiences of the people with whom they have collaborated on change in organizations.  As someone who led major national associations for 25 years, I would like to have had this book sitting on my desk for reference and guidance on how to implement change more effectively.” Stephen Crane, former CEO, American Academy of Physician Assistants and American Thoracic Society.

The Truth about Transformation is available in hardback and digitally. Order it today and let us know what you think!

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