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AAOA and 2040 Digital Win Gold from Association Trends!

The American Academy of Otolarygenic Allergy (AAOA) and 2040 Digital LLC won Gold from Association Trends for AAOA’s new website AAOAllergy. Association Trends recognizes excellence in association communications via their Media Awards program and event.

The new website represents a year long partnership effort with the AAOA to define its future looking digital strategy and transformation recognizing the changing needs of its members, its community and the patients and families that its members treat.

The radical digital redesign allows AAOA and its Board to deepen its content offerings to both practitioners and patients. The self-identification navigation enables diverse groups of practitioners to find the resources and education most applicable to their needs and roles. While the new patient resource center ensures patients and their families have the information, education and resources they need to make sound decisions.

Visit the new website


 2040 Digital can help you achieve the same results!

2040 Digital specializes in helping medical focused associations and publishers in decoding the digital universe and enabling deep, frequent and value producing relevance to your target communities, audiences and segments whether they be practitioner, company or patient focused or a mixture of all.

We bring deep expertise in the following:

  • Deep research, analysis of data and direct interaction with medical practitioners of all types and specialties
    • Intimate knowledge of practitioner and patient engagement patterns
    • Deep knowledge of each specific and nuanced target segment and specialty
    • Understanding of the day to day stressors and demands for knowledge, data and education
  • We bring our detailed data oriented expertise of needs and behaviors of:
    • Board Certified Physicians
    • Residents and Students
    • Nurse Practitioners
    • Physician Assistants
    • Health Care Professionals
    • Allied Health Professionals
    • Patients and Families
    • Medical Researchers
    • Academic Practitioners

Including those practicing, teaching or seeking help in small, medium or large practices, facilities and institutions.

  • We deeply understand the problems each segment is attempting to solve to improve patient care, increase professional knowledge, secure education and find solutions to problems and challenges today and for tomorrow.
  • We understand their expectations of you and know how to help you meet those expectations.
  • We know the eco-system and market you exist in. We bring holistic understanding of policy, regulation, compliance and ethics ensuring our work with you is realistic, measured and immediately produces value without controversy.
  • Our knowledge of Pharma (drug and device), general industry and the insurance sector immediately brings value.

Are you seeking to creating new relevance and revenue?

Are you experiencing decreases in renewals?

Seeing too much flux around retention?

Are you wanting to increase consumption of your content and education?

Is conference or convention attendance decreasing?

Leverage 2040 Digital’s deep health care experience and expertise across associations, practitioners, patients and publishers to aid you in creating new relevance and revenue producing strategies that achieve current goals while maximizing results in the future.

Don’t take the RISK of losing that current or prospect customer, member or subscriber to your real or perceived competitors.

Don’t sit back and think digital and the changed behaviors are a fad. They aren’t. The time to take action is now.

Review our list of case studies and examples to the right and contact us today!

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AAOA wins gold from association trends

Our Process

Our services span marketing, audience, data, revenue, relevance, value and technology strategy bringing together holistic solutions enabling your organization to succeed.

We strongly believe in “right-sizing” strategies and approaches that leverage and recognize the uniqueness of your organization. As there are distinct opportunities and constraints, we include all required elements and dynamics that come to play when seeking to change and evolve to adapt in your marketplace.

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Our process includes:

  • Reveal current state, reach, impact and challenges.
  • Bring forward current strategy and tactical gaps and opportunities.
  • Create segmentation of your current and prospect audiences.
  • Determine your readiness for data, analytics and marketing automation
  • Revise or correlation benefit oriented value proposition.
  • Map current to value producing marketing or engagement funnels.
  • Bring forward new target market opportunities.
  • Evaluate market demand, competitors and opportunities.
  • Right-select and right-size technology platforms and solutions.
  • Deliver plans and strategies to achieve your goals.

2040 Digital also offers assistive implementation professional services to bring your new strategy to life and achieve your goals in a short period of time.

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Case Studies and Examples

American Thoracic Society (ATS)

  • Created extensive data, technology and measurement strategy and program
  • Facilitated selection of customer data management platform, beacon tracking and marketing automation platforms
  • Led the development of a digital advertising strategy and program
  • Facilitated organizational movement to a data and analytics orientation
  • Enabled a technology program and plan that matches business needs and intent

EB Medicine

  • Developed Digital Marketing Plan and Strategy
  • Facilitated creation of medical professional targeted personas
  • Created customer and prospect marketing funnel flows
  • Developed long term plan for enabling personalization

FDA News

  • Developed Marketing Automation Plan and Strategy
  • Created drug and device company and professional targeted personas
  • Created customer and prospect marketing funnel flows
  • Developed Data and Analytics Strategy and Plan
  • Conducted automation and marketing training

American Academy of Physician Assistants (AAPA)

  • Developed new membership, research and marketing programs
  • Created new targeted value propositions for segments
  • Built a data and analytical performance measurement program
  • Solidified new market segments and increased prospects

American Academy of Otolyngenic Allergy (AAOA)

  • Developed this associations digital audience development and management strategy
  • Created member and customer personas, segmentation and data measurement approaches
  • Led the development of audience targeted content and web manifestations

CDC Million Hearts Campaign

  • Developed this government agency’s audience development and content management strategy
  • Strategy focused on Medical Practitioners need for web based education and information (Heart Disease and Stroke Risk)
  • Developed Information Architecture and Wire Frames
  • Created personas, segmentation and data measurement approaches
  • Developed customer data management processes and models

American Psychological Association (APA)

  • Conducted an organizational wide assessment
  • Developed digital advertising business plans and strategies
  • Developed revenue models and strategy
  • Structured segmentation research and study
  • Facilitated executive and management in planning

American Medical Directors Association (AMDA/PALTC)

  • Developed AMDA’s Digital, Product and Revenue Strategy
  • Established digital engagement strategy building value with state and local chapters
  • Created marketing and content strategy targeting health care professionals
  • Built AMDA’s digital technology strategy and plan

American Academy for Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT)

  • Developed this association’s audience development and data management strategy
  • Created personas, segmentation and data measurement approaches
  • Developed customer data management processes and models
  • Revised targeted marketing processes tied to new personas and targets

Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology (APIC)

  • Developed this association’s digital strategy
  • Created personas, segmentation and data measurement approaches
  • Developed customer data management processes and models
  • Revised targeted marketing processes tied to new personas and targets
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