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Opportunity to Inspire Video

The “Opportunity to Inspire” video from the Council of Libraries and Information Resources (CLIR) and Digital Libraries Federation (DLF) Open Lab Ignite Event has been published on You Tube.

Libraries, Archives, Museums and others who represent cultural institutions throughout the world must answer the call to ensure context is provided as important materials are digitized and made available from their collections.

All generations seek learning opportunities as they look to answer questions about the world, its cultures and gain insight from those that came before them.

Libraries, Archives, Museums and others often hold the world’s primary source material and can become the first stop in one’s learning journey. It is not enough to simply make the content available. All with the responsibility for providing access must also provide context and tell the story of the content.

Please take a moment to view the video and let me know your thoughts.

Learn more about Open Lab’s efforts here.

Please see the related blog post “Opportunity to Inspire” published last December.


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