Improving Your Value And Relationship With Healthcare Professionals And Practitioners (HCPs)

Improving Your Value and Relationship with Healthcare Professionals and Practitioners (HCPs)

Changing Medical Education, Information and Content Delivery Models Medical societies, associations and publishers have the opportunity to improve the value and relationship with healthcare professionals and practitioners (HCPs) by changing their education, information and content delivery models to more directly…

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Audience Engagement Tactics

In my last post I wrote about Audience Development (AD) and Audience Engagement (AE). In that post I offered Audience engagement and measurement strategies and described how to create engagement and build relationships with your customers, your members, your subscribers and…

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Active Listening

Are you “actively” listening to your customers and members? Today’s world is global, digital and connected. Information, opinions, thoughts, reviews, and comments spread instantaneously and in far reaching ways. Are you listening? Are you actively listening to what is being…

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