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Four Steps to Increase Facebook Exposure

Apply Strategies to Content Posting

Why does content end up the first page of Google, or on your Facebook feed? It may seem as if posts show up at random, but it is in fact dictated by algorithms.

Understanding these algorithms is the first step to optimizing your content for greater reach and visibility.

The two most important algorithms to understand are Edge-Rank (Facebook) and Page-Rank (Google) Algorithms index.

They organize and decide what you see based on browsing history, links, affinity, and other pieces of data to decide who sees your content, creating “filter bubbles” and predicting what they think users want to see, limiting their view of available content.

In this post, we will focus on Edge-Rank, and how to maximize your posts’ exposure on your followers’ saturated Facebook feeds.

When you post to Facebook, there are two main goals: making it to newsfeeds and audience engagement.

As you will read below, audience engagement can actually affect if your content makes it to newsfeeds, so it is a critical point of focus.

Here are the four main variables to consider, and how you can address each while managing your page:

Previous Interactions with the Author

The more you engage with a friend/page, the more likely they will see your posts. Engagement includes likes, hearts, comments, etc.

What can you do?Edge Rank Author Image

Driving your audience to engage is crucial. Posting regularly is a start, but you need to create calls to action that lead your followers to leave likes, hearts, and comments.

Give them prompts for comments in your posts, and interact in the comment section.

Not only will this build rapport with your followers, it will ensure that your posts remain at the top of their feeds.

Previous Interactions With Post Type

The more you engage with a certain type of post, the more likely you’ll see more posts of that type. If a follower tends to often comment and give likes to images, they will be shown more images on their feed.Edge Rank Post Type Image

What can you do?

This leads back to Personas, which we have previously covered here. You can strategize post types based on the types your persona would typically engage with.

Testing can be a useful tool during this process, keeping track of what types of post return the most engagement.

Reactions From Users Who Already Saw the Post

Edge Rank ReactionsThe more users engage with a post, the more likely you are to see it.

Engagement, begets engagement.

What can you do?

Again, creating posts that prompt your audience to engage is of utmost importance.

The more positive interaction, the more likely it will have greater exposure and in turn further interaction.

Amount of Complaints or Negative Feedback

More negative feedback makes it less likely for a post to gain visibility.Edge Rank Negative Feedback Image

What can you do?

Make sure your prompts for engagement spawn likes, hearts, and other positive feedback.

Base your posts on your Personas:

What do they care about?

How can you make them go out of their way to comment or like a post?

The main takeaway from these variables is this: positive engagement is key. Regularly scheduled posts are great, but an audience needs to be interacting in order to gain further exposure with those who have liked your page.

Stay tuned for the next post in this series where we will explore the basic tenants of Page-Rank, and steps to get noticed in a busy online world.

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