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Origami and Digital

How is Digital Like Origami?starorigami

When you look at the intricate simplicity of a beautifully-crafted piece of origami, your first thought is probably not to look for the ever-so-obvious parallels to digital.

But if you’ve set the right expectations for your digital strategy, goals and path, origami is probably a good touchstone.

The best origami reaches us at a deep, emotional level by turning a single piece of paper into a subtle, three-dimensional figure. By taking something we thought we knew well and making it stand out in a different way. By getting it done with the smallest number of folds in a step-by-step process. There is patience, there is apprehension, there is the desire to create and of course a desire to ultimately succeed.


Is this starting to make sense?origami-crane-instructions-final1

Here are some of the origami-like qualities you should be able to expect from your digital strategy firm.

  • It works with available elements to create something new and unexpected. Start with a piece of paper. Add experience and skill. And your eyes won’t believe what your hands physically or virtually have done.
  • Every piece is unique. This is not the place for cookie-cutters. Digital only works if it shines a light on the special value in your product, information or service, then explains that value in a way that resonates with each of your target audiences. You are special and unique to the customers, clients and members you serve.
  • The format may be new. But expert guidance is right on hand. Your first piece of origami won’t be perfect. An imperfect and fractured foray into digital can become a huge missed opportunity. That’s why you need the right digital firm to help you plan, manage, create and bring digital to life. A firm that understands the technology, the customer experience, analytics and measurement, design, product development as well as business.
  • The steps in the process are simple and straightforward. The process itself combines them into something beautiful. The elements of digital can be almost deceptively simple. But things fall apart pretty quickly if you try to skip any of those steps. When it all come together, the results look like magic.
  • The techniques may be unfamiliar. But there’s always a chance to learn. Your firm should be prepared to help you along a learning journey to become more familiar with digital tools and platforms while ensuring the advice provided is speaking directly to you, your needs, your goals and your business.
  • A single piece has its own small impact. A longer creative process delivers so much more. One piece of origami is a good first step. A whole collection can be breathtaking. The right digital strategy builds gradually, delivering greater impact and return on investment over time.

Like origami, digital strategy is equal parts art and science. Subscribe to our newsletter or talk to us today for some creative ideas on bringing digital to life for your organization.

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